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My New Mouse

I just purchased a Razer DeathAdder and I am in love. Best mouse ever! … More

The Choose Yourself Era

We live in a very interesting time where each of us possess a very large voice. With a few simple clicks of the mouse someone can take a stand with a blog, share something amazing via YouTube, or … More

Culture vs. Experience

You can't train culture but you can provide experience. This is a life lesson that I just learned a few days ago. I need to never forget it. Experience is important but in the long run, culture … More

Presentations Must Be Memorable

I talk a lot about pet peeves on this web site but probably the biggest one is the idea of "Impact." In other words, did your presentation leave a lasting impact on your audience? Simply, was your … More

Your Presentation Needs a Call to Action

It absolutely unnerves me when a presenter asks me to dedicate 30, 60, or in some cases 90 minutes of my life to hear them speak yet have no call to action. What am I supposed to do with this new … More

Stop Saying “Not Enough Time”

I'm tired of hearing this phrase when it comes to presentations. I promise you this: Practicing your presentation 2x the night before and 1x the morning of your presentation doesn't cut it. You will … More

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